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    Gallic acid flash dryer production line

    Gallic acid flash dryer production line

    Title:Gallic acid flash dryer production line
    Overview:Gallic acid, also known as "gallic acid", "gallic acid." Scientific name "3,4,5-hydroxy acid." Formula C7H6O5.

    Gallic acid, also known as "gallic acid", "gallic acid." Scientific name "3,4,5-hydroxy acid." Formula C7H6O5. Widespread in Rheum, Dayean, dogwood and other plants, is a naturally occurring polyphenolic compounds in food, biological, pharmaceutical, chemical and other fields have a wide range of applications.

    Uniform drying After several experiments, when production of the material into 20% moisture, drying the finished water is generally <10%, but some requirements moisture <0.5% gallic flash production lines to meet customer production requirements.

    working principle

    Gallic acid flash dryer production line tangent into the bottom of the hot air dryer, a powerful rotating wind field is formed in the driving of the stirrer. Paste material from the screw feeder into the dryer at high speed stirring blade strong role in material by the impact, the role of friction and shearing force is dispersed, the bulk materials will soon be smashed full contact with the hot air, heat ,dry. Dehydrated dry material with hot air rising, grade large ring particle retention, small particles from the dryer exhaust outside the center of the ring, and dust from the cyclone recovery, not dry or bulk materials Shuaixiang wall by centrifugal force again fall to the bottom was crushed dried.

    Photos flash dryer Features
    ◎ cyclone, fluidized, spouted and smashing step technologies combine.
    ◎ equipment is compact, small size, high efficiency, continuous production, to achieve a
    ◎ "small equipment, large-scale production."
    ◎ drying intensity, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency.
    ◎ residence time is short, good product quality, can be used for drying heat sensitive materials.
    ◎ negative or slightly negative pressure operation, tightness, high efficiency, eliminate environmental pollution.

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