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    HOTLINE : +86-519-88679228

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    The brand pursue:The special features brand leads to go together

    Trademark meaning:The ets science and technology to work hard for the first

    Business enterprise aim: Establish the excellent corporate culture, create the pre-eminent business enterprise brand

    Business enterprise principle: Creative infinite possibility

    Business enterprise spirit:More excellent, stronger and faster

    Business enterprise fixed position:

    Be engaged in the development, manufacturing, sale environmental protection of, efficiently of, safety easy use of an equipments of aridity system, do strong do the to do greatly, help the customer to raise the productivity unremittingly.

    Business enterprise mission:

    For customer's benefits but effort innovation, be like to treat the technique innovation similar concentrate on the cost innovation, let more persons acquire the renewal, better technique, lowest and total own the cost( TCO), higher work efficiency.

    Business enterprise principle: Guide the dry science and technology realization crosses over the development

    A realm develops and studies the latest technique continuously in the aridity system, for satisfying the need of the customer but provide the high-quality product and services.

    With provide the safety of be advantageous to the environmental protection efficiently a product for mission, pass all business enterprise activities but work hard unremittingly.

    Take undertaking the responsibility together as the foundation, the establishment labor and management mutual trust relate to, educate can the biggest limit corporate culture of exertive personal creative power and the regiment brigade power.

    Concentrate on learning by exchanging views mutually with innovation, carry out the business enterprise long-term stable harmonious development.

    Business enterprise core value:

    Care and love the employee- concentrate on the employee's care and love and the exaltation repay continuously

    Achieve the customer- concentrate on the customer's satisfaction and the success

    Requite the society- offer the society, create the diapason.

    Start a business the innovation- pursue the speed and efficiencies, be absorbed in to customer and the company contain influence of innovation

    Precise beg solid- according to factual decision and business management

    Trustworthiness morally upright- build up the trust and responsible social interactions

    Business enterprise core competencies:

    Take the idea innovation as to lead, take strategic innovation as the direction first, with organization innovation for guarantee, take the technique innovation as the means and take the market innovation as the target, make use of the limited resources integration, provide the character development space, employee the approbation participates to moderate the development, carrying out the infinite value.

    Business enterprise vision:

    In three years, the dry realm sets up the dry expert in some products of chemical engineering, food, medicine, animal feed...etc. the authority position, experienced industry inside set up the pre-eminent brand image;Carry on industry's expand within five years, carry out the diversification cross over type development.

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