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    HOTLINE : +86-519-88679228

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    ChangZhou TongYi Drying Equipment Company set of pumpkin powder production equipment

    Keywords:drying equipment,drying machine,food dryer

        Our company provides a complete set of pumpkin powder production equipment with an hourly processing capacity of 200kg-5000kg. complete set of equipment includes: cleaning, cutting, seed removing, slicing, blanching, conveying, drying, crushing, packing machine.

      Company:Changzhou TongYi drying equipment Co., Ltd.
      Address:Sanhekou Industrial Park, Zhenglu Town, Changzhou City, Jiangsu PRO., China
      Marketing sales:15961126917(Miss.Wang)
      Tel:0519-88679228 Fax:0519-88679208
      The official website:

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