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    Heavy metal sludge blade drying machine widely acclaimed

    Keywords:Sludge blade dryer,Sludge desiccation equipment,drying equipment

    Project description:
    The project is from a customer in Gansu province final decision to purchase our company sludge blade drying machine for heavy metal sludge drying after last inspections. According to customer production requirements, our company selected KJG-200 sludge special blade dryer to achieve drying effect.


    Customer requirements:
    Material is a heavy metal sludge, moisture requirements: 50 % to 20 %, drying temperature 140 °C to 150 °C, feed temperature 20 °C, heat source: steam, user specified material A3 steel.

    Changzhou Tongyi drying equipment Co's sludge blade dryer in the user unit installed and commissioned after the operation is very smooth, and we are achieved the user's praise. I hope our products can serve more customers and provide a wider service platform for many industries.


    Role of sludge drying:
    The water content before sludge is not dry is very high, the water content of residual sludge reaches 99.2 % to 99.5 %, the water content of sludge after enrichment ponds is 95 % to 97 %, and the water content after compression filtration is about 80 %. The reason is to reduce the water content. And sludge drying. First, sewage plant sludge production is relatively large, must reduce the volume of sludge for subsequent transportation and treatment is convenient, and second, domestic sludge treatment is mostly transported to landfills by means of landfills, reducing the volume can also save space for landfills. Third, after some treatment of sludge, drying can be used as fertilizer, building materials.


    Working principle of sludge dryer:
    The wedge-shaped medium pulp leaves are densely arranged on the hollow axis, and the hot medium passes through the slurry leaves via the hollow axis flow. The heat transfer area in the unit effective volume is large, and the temperature of the hot medium is from -40 °C to 320 °C. It can be water vapor or liquid type: such as hot water, heat conduction oil, etc.. Indirect conduction heating, without carrying air to take away heat, heat is used to heat materials. The heat loss is only the heat dissipation through the body insulation layer to the environment. The heat transfer surface of wedge slurry leaves has self-cleaning function. The relative movement of the material particles and the wedge surface produces a washing effect, which can wash off the material attached to the wedge surface, so that the clean heat transfer surface is maintained throughout the operation. The shell of the slurry drying machine is Ω type, and two to four hollow stirring shafts are generally arranged in the shell. The shell has a sealed end cover and upper cover to prevent the leakage of material dust and fully play its role.
    The heat transfer medium passes through the rotating joint and flows through the shell jacket and the hollow stirring shaft. The hollow mixing shaft has different internal structures depending on the type of hot medium to ensure the best heat transfer effect.

    Company:Changzhou TongYi drying equipment Co., Ltd.
    Address:Changzhou wujin district ZhengLu Town drop in industrial area
    Marketing sales:15961126917(Miss.Wang)
    Tel:0519-88679228/88672588 Fax:0519-88679208
    The official website:(English)Http://www.ngvarkansas.com(English)      

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